Successful Innkeeping?

I know that you might think with the cleats off my winter boots that I get lost in the sounds that spring brings into the woods. There are birds chirping that I have not heard for months, there are scats of foxes or fisher cats that make me afraid for my meowing friends desperate to leap outdoors!

Regulator Room at The Captain Lord Mansion

But I do ruminate about you hard-working Inn-keepers, knowing that this time of year you renovate, re-paint the outside of your precious Inns, deep cleaning rooms and buying new furniture to refresh and entice your guest with your attentiveness to details, your taste for creating and re-creating your style and ambiance. “A room lasts 7 years” says Bev Davis of The Captain Lord Mansion…and there you have it!

It is not easy to see what needs change, when you polished, cleaned that room a 100 times! It does not need change, so why do it? It is okay for us, we liked how we appointed, and toiled over the decorations and Art pieces we placed in carefully selected locations! But have you noticed that our guests have changed? And if you consider changing your rates to you think your guests coming forever will appreciate the new increases in your rates?

Change brings new energy, new visions and the courage to be on the cutting edge! Including changing your prices! You need that fresh start, that surge of creativeness to stay abreast with all the other B&B’s Inns owners; but most of all for your own sense of accomplishment and pride that you are the best in what you provide each day to your guest!

I love the change of seasons; I love that nothing stays for too long the same, I love seeing each day something new in the woods, hearing each day a new sound and I love visiting your Inns and seeing all you have done to create a new look and see the satisfaction as you greet this new Season!

All the best to all of you, Heide

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