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Hudson River Valley Inn and Art Workshop Business for sale

Special:Historic Inn with a profitable, repeat business based around destination art workshops

We often begin our aspiring Innkeeper seminars discussing the importance of location and style in determining future viability of any Inn business. For most Inns, location will be the most critical factor in defining success. For others, a business model must be developed that draws guests to the property and keeps them sated for the duration of their stay. In these cases, location can help to support a narrative of tranquility, isolation, or wonder, but it is not, in and of itself, the driving force behind bookings.   

Greenville Arms 1889 Inn is a supreme example of a property that has defined its own success through a unique and highly viable business model – its Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Every year since 1982 the Greenville Arms has welcomed leading artists and instructors from around the world to learn, create, and relax in peaceful Greenville, New York. The value of this business model cannot be overstated. For one, it allows owners to book their business years in advance. In addition, the instructors often have strong followings which further support advance bookings and lead to repeat business. Whether you enjoy creative pursuits or relish a “bottom line” approach to business, Greenville Arms offers many positives to aspiring Innkeepers and is worth a close look.    

Greenville Arms is situated in New York’s active Hudson River Valley and is in close driving distance to the Catskill Mountains, the Capital District in Albany, and the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Greenville, New York, is a quaint town within the valley and is home to several fine restaurants, a brewery, a drive-in cinema with movies, music, and cocktails, and much more. Just beyond the town (by about 30 minutes) are some of the Hudson River Valley’s most exciting eateries, and a variety of other attractions, including antique centers, spas, historic sites, and sprawling state parks. With a rich history in the arts and a direct line to New York City, the Hudson River Valley is the ideal location for Greenville Arms and its active art workshop.

Greenville Arms 1889 Inn is a classic country Inn in design, with a grand Main House that includes a beautifully renovated third floor owner’s apartment (with private kitchen), five guestrooms and a first floor with spacious, high ceilinged common rooms, a large private office for owners, and a fully commercial kitchen. The common areas are well suited to any upscale operation, from a full-scale restaurant operation to a small-scale café.