For those interested in buying an inn or bed and breakfast, it can be difficult to know where to start. Just as the internet has changed the transfer process for Innkeepers, it has affected the process for buyers as well. Parallels are many. The internet has intensified the old and unreliable real estate model, with listings on the internet in the thousands. Presented for the most part as real estate, these listings are rife with glittery pictures and florid prose, describing in detail every brass hinge and crown molding, telling us of the long departed notables who built or lived there. What is missing is any hint of income, occupancy, and cash flow, or any justification for a price that is likely to be totally unsupported by business activity.

The first need for future Innkeepers is information; solid information about what makes Inns viable (size, location, style, etc.), how you develop business (marketing) and how to establish proper price and terms (Valuation).

For many our Seminar for Future Innkeepers, a distillation of our collective 50 years of experience, is a logical first step in the process of buying an Inn.

Whether your interest is specific or general, we believe the process of buying an Inn is highly personal and would welcome a call to discuss your specific needs with a member of the Inn Partners team.

Call us today at 877-957-2360 to discuss your specific wants and needs as an aspiring Innkeeper and learn more about how to buy a bed and breakfast or inn.

Services for Future Innkeepers

Seminar for Future Innkeepers: Our seminar is a thorough overview for people in every stage of thinking about Innkeeping and is designed to help test beliefs and models with the goal of developing individual acquisition plans. Our industry leading seminar is highly interactive and a meaningful first step in the process for prospective Innkeepers interested in buying a bed and breakfast inn.

Private Seminar: Designed as a follow-up to our Seminar for Future Innkeepers or as a personalized seminar for those who cannot attend a regularly scheduled seminar. The objective of this session is to develop a personalized acquisition plan that  fits the needs and desires of a prospective Inn buyer.

Buyer Consulting: Buy a viable Inn or bed and breakfast at a reasonable price. Our Buyer Consulting Program is designed to help Inn buyers sort through the over-saturated market of Bed and Breakfasts and Inns, many of which are for sale, and focus on viable candidates offered at reasonable prices.

Valuation:  Inn Partners will help you to establish the proper price and terms of your ideal Inns for sale, using our industry standard Valuation methodology, and take a proactive approach to the process of buying an inn.

Feasibility Study: Whether you are considering a major renovation or a shift in the style of a possible Inn for purchase, we will work with you to determine the clearest and best use of that property and how changes will influence its viability from a business and value perspective.

Inns for Sale: Inn Partners represents a limited number of distinctive Bed and Breakfasts and Boutique Inns for sale nationwide. If you'd like to buy a bed and breakfast or inn, view our current collection of bed and breakfasts, boutique and resort inns for sale.