Being an Ambassador to your Community

I love Vermont; that is why I live here and have a business here. When we owned the Three Mountain Inn, our motto was “We Give You Vermont,” and that was what we did!

We installed window shades that went both ways, halfway up or top down. At guest’s arrival time they were half up from the bottom of the windows, allowing the guests immediately a view of mountains. We had a stained glass window made depicting the three mountains. A lamp behind it lit it up each evening; a great reminder as you walked to your car, to your room, and after a great meal.

Hamilton Falls, Jamaica State Park
Hamilton Falls in Jamaica State Park

On the coffee table, in front of the massive field stone fireplace, lay a picture book depicting the Jamaica State Park behind the Inn and the great waterfall a few miles’ hike into the park. Lots of our guests liked that hike in the park and that reminder of the waterfall spurred them on to go see it.

In the fall and winter, I wore colorful socks made by an older group of knitters from the community – they were very noticeable in my clogs! Guests asked about them and I sent them off to the local weaving and crafts shop diagonally from the Inn. The shop, in turn, sent us business from the skiers at Stratton Mountain who frequented her store.

There was a great art gallery in town which represents quite well-recognized artists. The owner hung selected pieces of art in all our public areas at the inn, changing them out every 6 months. Our guests loved the artwork and went to the gallery, buying many art pieces from her. She, on the other hand, referred many of her clients to our restaurant as well as noting our inn as the “best place to stay at in the area.” It was a win /win situation.

I stayed the other day in an urban inn. Every afternoon there was a sign out in front of the inn advertising “high tea.” People walking around sightseeing and shopping came in for some respite, enjoyed the libation and the ambiance of this well-appointed inn, and recommended the inn to family and friends. While making breakfast for the guests, why not make some tea-sandwiches, scones or cookies for the afternoon?

Our dessert menu featured toast points with local foraged mushrooms and an apple tart with apples from Nancy Miller’s Cortland Hill Orchard. I used to send guests to her farm to pick their own apples, a great ride to see the hills and open fields around our area.

Well, my walk in the woods this morning with the dogs was wet and humid. Chocolat and I are walking with our guest pet Riley, a black Lab. The birds are nesting and are of great interest to Chocolat, but Riley has discovered a porcupine and my effort to distract him from a confrontation was successful! Oh, that change of season, that is what I appreciate about being here among such a colorful community.

Have a successful summer, best wishes to all of you.

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