The Arrowhead Inn in Durham, NC, Transfers

Photo of Durham NC Inn

We are very pleased to announce the transfer of the Arrowhead Inn in Durham, North Carolina. The Sellers, Gloria and Phil Teber, are leaving our Innkeeping Community after 21 years at the Arrowhead Inn. They were models of exceptional service and maintained a vision for their property up until the day of their departure. We have held countless seminars at the Arrowhead Inn over the last 35 years. During that time, Phil mentored new Innkeepers, particularly as they considered restorations in historic properties. Phil’s expertise was particularly potent for us around 18 years ago, when he creatively found space for an additional bathroom in our 1790 building at the Three Mountain Inn. Both Gloria and Phil embodied qualities that every Innkeeper should aspire to. We will miss them dearly in our midst!

As we welcome Gloria and Phil Teber to a community of emeritus Innkeepers, we also extend best wishes to new owners and Innkeepers, Ron and Stephanie Wood. The Arrowhead Inn is honored with a Four Diamond rating from AAA, is a member of Select Registry: Distinguished Inns of North America, and is the #1 Bed and Breakfast in Durham on TripAdvisor.

Call us at 802-257-2360 or email us for information on the transfer.

Bill Oates, Heide Bredfeldt, Eben Viens, Megan Smith, Ida Adam

Photo of interior living room at NC Inn

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