A Classic, and Classy, Connecticut Inn for Sale

New England is a region with many faces. Some people see it as a realm of quiet hamlets and villages full of old Victorian homes and sleepy tree-lined streets. Others see a bustling region of interconnected cities like Boston, Hartford, Providence and New Haven. Still others see a wintry wonderland of ski resorts, icy ponds and wild forests. And when you visit this Connecticut Inn for sale, you’ll see that all of those things are at least a little true.

This beautiful Inn lies at the northern end of Litchfield County, Connecticut, in the northwestern corner of the state. In contrast to the mostly-urban eastern part of the state, western Connecticut is made up of small towns and close-knit communities sprinkled between the hills and dense forests.

This Inn captures that small-town elegance perfectly, with historic style and comfortable accommodations for guests and owners alike. This Connecticut Inn features seven guest rooms in the main house, plus an additional two-bedroom guest cottage on the property. All of the rooms feature private bathrooms, wireless Internet access, and period-appropriate furnishings to match the style of the Inn. Plus, the Inn also features a commercial kitchen with a ten-burner stove and a three-bay refrigerator, making it ideal for budding restaurateurs or entertainers.

The Inn’s elegance and style are matched by the quiet comfort of the nearby towns and the many opportunities available in the forests and hills. Some of the most popular activities in the area are antiquing in the many antique shops and flea markets in the county, hiking through the nearby national parks and forests, and enjoying the snow at one of the five nearby ski resorts during the winter months.

Along with the outdoors and the antiques, one of the biggest draws for this Inn is the local arts scene. Music, art, and culture have taken hold in western Connecticut like few other places in the country, making this region a huge destination for arts lovers of all kinds. For instance, just a few minutes away from the Inn you’ll find Music Mountain, one of the oldest and most renowned chamber music halls in the country. This venue attracts national and international musicians and groups, as well as plenty of fans and music enthusiasts. They also feature Saturday night concerts with jazz, country, and big band groups and musicians, making it a popular destination for all kinds.

Litchfield countyThe musical appeal of the area isn’t the only artistic merit – there is also a strong visual arts scene in the region. A huge number of galleries, art workshops, and museums populate the region, including the fantastic – and free – Yale University Art Gallery. There are also plenty of markets where your guests can buy their own artistic works to take home with them.

Finally, the Inn’s location offers one more benefit. It’s only a few hours away from the metroplex that is eastern and southern New England, including Providence, Boston, and New York City. That means you’ll have millions of potential guests just a short drive away, all of them itching for a quiet weekend away from the hustle of the big city. If all of this together sounds like a good opportunity, you can learn more by contacting Inn Partners today.

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