Our technology seems to accelerate the pace of change in our marketing.  While you are just about to grasp the significance of the Web 2.0; consumer generated content (Trip Advisor) Web 3.0 burst upon the scene.  Peer networking and referrals; Facebook and heavens forefend, Twitter.

Hurry up, for Web 4.0 cannot be far away.  I think I have found a hint of it in the latest buzzword: (defined as seeing the word used three times).  The word is personalization and it can have a profound impact on the products we develop for the next generation of guests.

Most of us have grasped the importance of “packaging” as an effective tool.  But our potential guests are beginning to reject the standard off-the-shelf package.  They want a unique experience built around their specific desires.

This is not about heroic efforts to fulfill outrageous demands.  It is rather putting the guest in the center of the experience.  A few well-directed inquiries in advance of arrival often goes a long way in defining that particular guest (or usually couple’s) desires.

Fortunately, Inns are well suited to provide the personalization of the guest experience.  We have the ability due to our size and interrelationships in our communities to put together unique experiences for our guests.  Personalization almost by definition requires an interactive relationship between Innkeepers and guest.

Bill Oates

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