Day Two of the Innkeeping Seminar

Prodding along my winding, wet walk through the green forest has cleaned the cobwebs out of my brain. Bill and I, along with our associate Tim Piper, have been trying to formulate new ways to make our Seminar for Future Innkeepers more valuable, more personal than speeding through the manual, like a galloping pony seeking sustenance without pause.

The one-day seminars have been very popular, and are often good for weeding out the more serious, financial stable individuals from “wannabe” aspiring innkeepers. We enjoy getting to meet so many prospective innkeepers and gaining glimpses of their realities. We expose them to as much information as we can possibly cram into our time together — chatting over lunch, answering questions during coffee breaks, filling our brains with impressions of “what are you looking for” and giving the best of our knowledge about innkeeping as we can possibly convey.

Bill Oates Innkeeping Seminar for Future InnkeepersBut yet, at the end of each seminar we wonder: Was it enough? Did it meet your needs and satisfy our needs to work with those of you that are ready, willing and on the cusp of making this very important decision: “to own or not to own.”

Day one of the Seminar for Future Innkeepers provides a comprehensive overview of the inn business. It’s a valuable reference for both those who are thinking about it at an early stage and for those who have moved along the spectrum and are contemplating taking the big step to inn ownership. But, the one day format does not enable us to really help those further along in defining their model, their financial capabilities and the process of actually purchasing an inn. That’s where day two comes in.

Day two gives us the opportunity to explore individual models, financial capabilities and time frames. Essentially, it takes the generic outline from day one and makes it specific to individuals ready to move forward. Both the innkeeping lifestyle and the actual understanding of business operations are valuable considerations for new innkeepers. Day two gives participants the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of what this innkeeping lifestyle, financials and marketing entails; giving the future innkeeper the knowledge to guarantee success.

We’re glad to bring back the second day of the seminar. We all — Bill, Tim and myself included — feel more in-tune with the participants; that we’re able to offer more personalized support, ideas and suggestions. It’s wonderful to see so many innkeepers out there, seminar graduates all over the country who have bought and created successful inns. They are happy with their locations, with the business and lifestyle they have created for themselves. And we love to add value to that process!

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