Why I Spent New Years Eve in Ardmore, Oklahoma

We have certainly been questioned about that; so, even if you did not ask, I will tell you why! There is a lot of effort in bringing an Inn transfer to a successful close, but the actual day of transfer is definitely an anti-climax.  The battles have been fought, more or less amicably, and the day of closing is really for the attorneys to prove their worth.  We do not usually attend these ceremonial do’s, and when we do, our role is comic relief, in between running coffee and an occasional witnessing.

So why, you ask would Heide and I fly to Oklahoma City to non-participate in this closing of December 31, 2009?  Since you asked, (Did I hear you?)  I’ll tell you that although all closings are special, this one was especially so. On the one hand were the sellers, Bob and Linda Humphrey, who ten years ago fulfilled their dream and opened the Shiloh Morning Inn, custom-built to their specifications.  Successful immediately, they had the vision to add four freestanding cottages to their original five Inn rooms.

The Inn was successful, gaining many accolades and an invitation to be one of two Select Registry Inns in Oklahoma.  But a year or so ago, Bob and Linda realized they had accomplished their goals and many new developments created challenges they believed others might better handle.  They hired us, Inn Consulting Partners, to manage the sale of Shiloh Morning Inn.

Photo of Shiloh Morning Inn

We knew it might not be easy to find future Innkeepers who would want to move to Ardmore, Oklahoma, despite the exemplary condition and track record of the Inn.  We were fortunate that we found a young local couple with the desire, the skills, and the involvement in the community.  With the help of a creative banker at a local bank, we were able to put together a purchase package that fit everyone’s needs.

And now we can tell you why we were there.  At one A.M. on New Year’s Day, David Pfau was serving his wife Jessica a trial breakfast he would later serve to their guests.  She had just returned from the all night market where she bought garnishes for the plates and fresh flowers for the tables.

It is bringing together people like the Humphreys and the Pfaus that after 30 years still send chills of delight down our spines.  As long as we can share these special moments we will spend New Years’ Eve in strange lands.

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