New Year Brings New Challenges

Happy New Year! The snow is off the trees and snowshoeing is wonderful after the frigid temperatures subsided from the early days of this New Year. But realize it or not it is a New Year; a new beginning and a definite end to 2013.

2014 has arrived.And as the frigid temperatures challenged us all into a mode of survival up here on top of the mountain, that challenged even Chocolat, my favorite companion. She refused to step outside and barely squatted down to do her business, before tail between her legs, wincing, she clawed at the door to be let in.

But nothing startled me as much as hearing the news last week about leadership change in the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII). Bill Oates, my husband, has attended every PAII meeting since its inception, starting with Mary Davies, Pat Hardy and JoAnn Bell. This organization has changed, grown immensely and become ever-more aware of the latest essential connection to keep Inns and B&Bs, big or small, connected; growing to be computer literate and connected financially to an ever-growing network essential to be viable. A great feat for our segment in the hospitality industry.

The struggle that continues between DIA and PAII was deeply unfortunate, but even more unfortunate to lose competent leadership at this moment and at this time. Vendors… Inn and B&B owners deserve competent leadership in the fast changing electronic age to still forge an edge of excellence in service, amenities and the vital education component critical for the continued growth in this segment of the hospitality industry.

I am shocked and grieved by this impulsive action of a few DIA members, just before PAII’s yearly bash! I know many in the industry see the Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show as a gathering to get information while mingling with old friends. With an eye on relaxation, a vacation, a break from wintery climate and from their daily stressful routine, especially during those hectic holidays they just left behind.

It’s a New Year — new personal challenges are before us and once again it will be up to us and our own stamina, our integrity and our will to do our best. That will be our success. Happy New Year, may it be a healthy and happy 2014 for us all!


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