Happy Holidays from Inn Partners

cold winter in vermontA cold and wintry day – blustering – and the temperature dropping to 10 below at our farmhouse. Yes, it was cold and I did snowshoe through our woods.

But isn’t that to be expected? After all, it’s almost our most festive time of year. Driving home along Western Avenue in Brattleboro, each house seems more decked out than the last. Many have their Christmas trees lit, their curtains open to display their commitment to embrace a spirit of love, giving and family togetherness.

In my heart I ponder the life of those that have their tents still up along the river; I wonder what shelter will take them in, their kids, and their dogs? It is harder to ignore the great division between those of us celebrating in our warm and comfortable homes and those out there surviving. I deeply hope that each homeless person finds shelter this holiday season and that we, in the spirit of giving, give gladly to the charities of our communities.

Opening our hearts to our guests comes so much easier when we embrace, genuinely, our generosity of spirit and when we stay connected to our communities.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a wonderful and healthy 2014!
Heide & Bill

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