Restaurants within an inn! How do I love them? Let me count the ways!

Restaurants within an inn! How do I love them? Let me count the ways!


    1. Are an additional profit center
    2. Serve as an amenity for Inn-guests
    3. Can cater functions
    4. Help sell rooms
    5. Encourage more professional staff
    6. Increase visibility within the Community
    7. Encourage your guests to eat well!


It is quite a market ploy for Inns with upscale rooms to have a restaurant complementing their guests’ experience! But it works the other way as well to having a fine restaurant and letting guests’ experience the art of excellence in accommodations, ambiance and service.

Here are some exciting locations that we are working with: An Inn in Maine, two Inns in Vermont, a great place outside NYC, and a few miles outside Ithaca; wooing Cornell faculty parents and students while overlooking a vast lake area. Virginia, luxuriating in French appointed rooms and enveloped in a heaven for culinary excellence and a Four-Diamond restaurant. And, let’s not forget about Cooksburg, PA; here is dining, meeting space and recreation all mixed up together for a truly memorable experience!  Another Pennsylvania property caters to the faculty of the prestigious private schools and skiing. And, what about stretching your imagination; filling your eyes with mountain ranges in the hills of Tennessee? And, lastly, but never forgotten, a fine French cooking experience near Norman, Oklahoma or at the foot of Mount Rainier…..

These are all viable Inn businesses; opportunities waiting for you to invest yourself! I see the right couples excited to bring even more success to these Inns with restaurants and being immensely profitable! Think about being more than a B&B; think about your abilities as cook/chef, and think about a new and creative career for yourself!  Call us if any of these locations appeal to you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Wishes, Heide.




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