Two New England Inns for Sale with In-Town Appeal

Small urban inns have a lot going for them. Compared to big hotel chains, inns and B&Bs give guests more attentive service, more amenities, and a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Plus, who wants to stay in a cookie-cutter room full of fiberboard furniture when they could relax in a classic Victorian manor or a stately New England estate? These two inns for sale in New England will show you just how great the small urban inn can be.

Vermont inn for sale, BrattleboroOur first inn is in the large town (or is it a small city?) of Brattleboro, Vermont. This community is known for its charming local flavor, rich history, and vibrant arts and music scene. The inn itself is a 19th-century Victorian home converted into a five-room bed and breakfast, with two suites available for longer stays or bigger parties. In fact, the suites sometimes double as relocation apartments for long-term guests moving to the area or starting new jobs in town. Comfortable grounds, including a koi pond and a gazebo, surround the inn, making it a great spot for guests to relax.

The second inn is remarkably similar to the first in more than appearance. A short drive south from Brattleboro, this inn for sale is in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, another small urban area with a healthy dose of personality. The nearby college town of Northampton gives this region a colorful arts and culture scene that rivals much bigger towns. Our Massachusetts inn for sale features eight guest rooms, including one two-story “penthouse” suite. While none of the rooms are long-term rentals, the inn is still very popular with travelers to the many nearby colleges and universities, including the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, and Hampshire College.

History is another common thread between both of these New England inns for sale. Our Vermont inn is located in the middle of an extensive historic district that also includes several museums, historic buildings, and cultural sites. Similarly, the northern part of Massachusetts features a remarkable amount of heritage despite its rural surroundings. Both towns are also popular with antiques dealers and shoppers, and the inns are within walking distance of a fair amount of antique shops.Massachusetts inn for sale

If you enjoy the outdoors, neither of these inns will disappoint you. Both southern Vermont and northern Massachusetts are known for a large amount of outdoor activities, events, and attractions, including easy access to Vermont and Massachusetts ski resorts like Mount Snow and Berkshire East.  The regions also have a reputation for being in the middle of a growing farm-to-table movement.

Finally, both towns have the noteworthy ability to draw in visitors. Brattleboro has several large hospitals that bring in doctors, patients, and family members on a regular basis, while the Pioneer Valley (as we mentioned above) is home to a number of prominent colleges that bring in students, family, and academics. Even though these New England inns are small, their urban locations and homespun appeal make them a great – and popular – alternative to the big hotel chains.

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  1. We have a client very interested in a B&B in the Pioneer Valley; 6-12 bedrooms. I am a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker.

    1. Ruth:

      Thanks for your interest in Inn Partners. We are not currently representing any property in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. However, we will be sure to contact you if that changes. Have a great week.


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