Here’s to You: Happy Holidays!

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This is the festive time of year! If you are Celebrating Hanukkah I hope that you are presently serving latkes and freshly made Applesauce! Then comes the Christmas celebration and to embrace that festive time of year, here in Vermont, I need snow to really get into the mood!

These days, as I walk through the woods, the leaves plentiful on the path crunch and swirl, but cover the roots, so often I inadvertently slip and my ankle complains bitterly!

But my thoughts wander as they always do to our industry; thinking of things that are troubling, like drinking too much the night before, drinking with your guests, smelling of alcohol while serving or making breakfast, saying things that you do not remember having said! If you worked in retail, you would be fired, but alas you own the place, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that your behavior offended your guests! Remember, as an Innkeeper you are an actor on a stage, you amuse, you are delightful to be with, you are always responsive to your guests’ needs!

Here are some facts about drinking alcohol: alcohol is most soluble in water and the most water we have in our body is in our brain (that is why we like to drink when we are off from being on, on vacation, in our private lairs). Alcohol is a sedative, it gives us a feeling of well-being for a while, like any drug, but that sedation wears off and if our drinking is chronic we need more and more to maintain that sense of “doing well” and being in control.

Most guests, for whatever reason, are very uncomfortable seeing their host inebriated, they shy away, and just won’t be returning guests. This isn’t a topic we choose to talk about, not even with our fellow Innkeepers! Why not? The cornerstone to this problem is denial, often even the spouse is silent.

So, raise that glass and toast: Happy Holidays! This message is not for everyone, but if it fits and you are concerned it isn’t an easy road to be on, it is definitely not a lifestyle to increase the occupancy at your Inn and it is a hard habit to leave behind.

I wish for snow, getting my snowshoes on and creating a path to follow on my morning walk!

All the best to current and future Innkeepers and friends; I wish you all a very festive time of year and a successful 2016!


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