What Is the Importance of Professional Photography for Your Inn?


In today’s world, almost everyone books their vacations online. Potential travelers search the web for photography of what they can expect from their possible destination and then make an informed decision. If your website has outdated, inaccurate, or low-quality photography, it could make or break your ability to receive bookings in the blink of an eye. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of professional photography for your inn.   

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All About the Importance of Professional Photography for Your Inn 

When it comes to running your business, doing things the DIY or cheaper way isn’t always best. If you don’t have the proper camera equipment, sufficient lighting, or an artistic eye for taking photos, you could be losing money and putting you and your business at riskProfessional photographs are a must!  

Highlight Your Benefits 

Showcasing your inn at its best appearance is crucial for convincing a customer to book a visit. However, inn guests aren’t only drawn towards the beauty and the aesthetic appeal of a property. Photography is an opportunity to showcase your amenities and the benefits of staying with you.  

When showcasing your inn, be sure to capture photos of the various amenities that you offer. If you provide a fitness facility, someone that prioritizes fitness while on vacation is more likely to stay with you than a place that does not. Or, images of complimentary bath toiletries or coffee and tea in the room could sway guests on a budget that appreciates a good “freebie.”   

Represent Your Brand 

We know it’s tempting to avoid the cost of professional photography and take on the job yourself. If you find that thought crossing your mind, remember this: your photos will represent your brand. Do you want guests to think of you and your business as unprofessional, low-quality, or underwhelming? That’s the risk you take when you skip out on top-notch photography.  

First impressions of a brand are everything. Make photos the first thing potential guests see when they visit your website—and be sure to make them the best they can be!  

Get Found and Get Bookings 

Having a digital presence is critical in the travel industry. It’s vital that your website has high SEO value. What’s SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the practice of strategically optimizing various elements of your website to help it perform better in search engine rankings. In other words, you can use SEO to make your business appear when people are searching for places to stay on the internet.   

There are many elements of SEO, and one key factor is images. Photos that are optimized can help your website get found and perform better in overall search results. Plus, if your photos are appealing to the user, it can help increase engagement and the time they spend on your website, which in return leads to more bookings.   

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