Here Are the Best Social Media Tips for Inns


When it comes to promoting your hotel or bed and breakfast, creating effective social media marketing is campaigns are key. Utilizing various social media channels is one of the best ways to engage with your potential guestsbuild a solid following, and put your brand in front of people’s faces. Keep readingand we’ll tell you about some of the best social media tips for inns 

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The Best Social Media Tips for Inns 

Learn how to make the most out of your social networks and create more business for your inn.  

Social Media Platforms 


Your Facebook page can help you communicate with your customers and promote your business in various ways. You can respond to customer inquiries through Facebook Messenger, share Facebook events for your inn, reach a larger audience with Facebook Ads, and create engaging posts and graphics to capture the world’s attention.  


Instagram is the second-most logged in social media site for daily use. Your Instagram account can play a pivotal role in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. Recently, this platform has become a popular spot for product discovery and selling products and services. During your Instagram marketing, be sure to use aesthetically appealing images, popular hashtags, unique captions, and utilize Instagram Stories.  


The primary focus of Pinterest is discovery, not engagement. This sets it apart from other mainstream social media pages. Utilize your Instagram account and share appealing images (promoting blog posts, destinations, weddings, events, etc.) that will drive traffic to your landing pages.   

Additional Platforms 

Although Twitter and LinkedIn get don’t receive as much traffic as the sites listed above, they’re still useful depending on your business and audience.  

Social Media Strategies 

Outline Your Strategy 

The first step in social media marketing for hotels and inns is establishing a basic strategy. It’s helpful to set guidelines or best practices so that your staff is all on the same page. Identify target audiences and demographics and create social media posts that reflect all of this.  

Be Consistent  

Social media audiences and platforms alike both appreciate consistency. Stick to a posting schedule that people can frequently engage with, and the website’s algorithm will put your posts in front of more users.  

Utilize Paid Advertising 

One of the benefits of social media advertising is that it’s usually more affordable than traditional mainstream advertising. Social media advertising offers built-in targeting features with large potential reach due to the many users on these social platforms.  

Engage With Your Audience 

One of the best social media tips for inns is to actively engage with your audience members, which are potential guests. Take the time to answer questions, like their comments, and converse when appropriate. Create thought-provoking posts and share appealingprofessional photography 

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