A Tribute to Morning Routines

I have been wondering how innkeepers drag themselves each morning to awake, rise and shine for their guests. This morning, having had the best night’s rest in weeks, I lingered over breakfast, did my early morning chores and procrastinated as long as I could to put on my double socks and snow boots. Chocolat, her nose pushing my arms as I bend oversnowy woods and tie the snowshoe bindings to my boots, frustrated by my weary attitude.

And out we go. The snow is heavy under our feet the path covered with fallen snow from the trees and nearly gone are our footprints from the day before. Chocolat trails me today, she objects to the crusty, crunchy stuff as we sink into the snow with each step. Despite the sun and the gentle breeze moving through the trees, each step I take my snowshoes crunch loudly and I feel more and more exhausted.

Have you ever gotten up and rallied against the day, having too much on your plate? An innkeeper’s daily routine is fraught with a thousand little details. And being an innkeeper, you are the chief orchestrator, the maestro, the creator of the ambiance and the one that makes it all perfect for your guests.

Guests don’t need to know what your tasks have been before they eat that scrumptious homemade concoction you invented for them this very morning. The long list of chores you’ve completed like shoveling the walks, sweeping the snow off their cars, making the fire, brewing that delicious french roast coffee and making the walnut banana muffins, their aroma filling the whole inn with an inviting scent. And nearly complete, you make a final glance over the dining rooms to see that everything is perfectly placed before the first guests have awoken. Then, there they are; full of expectations for another great day of their vacation and your wonderful hospitality.

morning lightTo keep that edge, and maintain my sanity and peace of mind, my daily morning rituals are very centering. I make the time to be active, to play tennis at least 2 times a week, to have lunch with a friend and to go for ride on my bike (in winter I go spinning) a few times a week — it’s crucial. These are very important interludes to balance that nuttiness that comes over me, and I know that I’m not alone. Another factor is our aging. It is progressive (have you noticed?) in my mind and body, and as long as my health is important to me, as the tasks that are never ending present themselves each day, my productivity and energy are hopping. I love my life and what I do and I hope that you do, too.

Have a great season, before another one is upon us!

Best to all of you.
Heide Bredfeldt

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