A True B&B lifestyle at this Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast for sale

Photo of gardens at NY Inn for sale
When we suggest to prospective buyers to examine what are the most important considerations in pursuing Innkeeping as a profession, we always mention these 3 very important points:
1.      That the Inn is a viable business;
2.      That the lifestyle fits with your personal needs;
3.      That the area is stimulating to you and your future guests, offering a diversity of educational opportunities, musical events, theater, recreational activities and we would hope a sensational food scene!
So, what if the Inn has four rooms and boasts 70% occupancy with very little marketing to speak of? New York’s Hudson Valley is a great place to live and this Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast for sale provides a beautifully designed owner’s quarters on two floors and a viable income for an Innkeeping couple or individual. All of this adds up to a sustainable smaller Inn with enough business to support a part time manager so owners too can experience all the Hudson Valley has to offer, or to smell the roses in far off places. One thing is made clear from experiencing the area in person, there are well beyond 30 reasons to make this area your next home.
Photo of the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park
The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park
There’s more than one reason National Geographic Traveler named the Hudson Valley a Top 20 “Best of the World Destination.” In a sense, the area is a microcosm of New York City, with a strong community of former city-dwellers that have traded in their shoebox apartments for refined country living. Their retreat is made more attractive by the fact that metropolitan life is a short drive or train ride away. The Inn is further supported by its proximity to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, 
All this can be yours at the Stonegate Bed and Breakfast at the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley. If you have the vision and seek a fresh vocation with the opportunity to , this four room gem is likely for you! Give us a call at 802-257-2360 to discuss the opportunity or to set up a possible visit to this spectacular Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast for sale.

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