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Have you always dreamed of being your own boss and running a bed and breakfast? Here at Inn Partners, innkeeping is our passion! Our goal is to unite inn buyers with inn sellers and provide insight into the business so you can be successful. Our services have led to the sale of over 400 properties in the United States and beyond, and we’re ready to help put YOU on the path to success. No matter what stage of the inn buying, selling, or managing process you’re in, we have innkeeper training for you.  

Our Workshops 

Innkeeper Training With Inn Partners 

Since 1984, Inn Partners has recognized the need for aspiring innkeepers to have top-notch information and education in the early stages of considering this lifestyle and deeper into the process. We’ve created informative seminars that are geared towards future innkeepers and current innkeepers.   

Seminar for Future Innkeepers 

Our Seminar for Future Innkeepers provides a thorough overview for those in the beginning stages of innkeeping and are deciding if running a bed and breakfast is the right move for them. We will cover fundamental questions regarding operations, finances, personal life, incomes, expenses, and more. We have a few different options for our Seminar for Future Innkeepers: 

  • Weekend Seminar 
    • As our most in-depth future innkeeper program, our weekend session allows for extended face time and interaction with instructors. The package includes instruction, workbooks, personalized follow-up consultations, meals, and breaks. We also offer participants to join us for an optional wine and cheese reception and dinner throughout the weekend.  
  • One-Day Comprehensive Workshop 
    • The one-day comprehensive workshop includes instruction, workbooks, lunch, and personalized consultation. We will cover the same material as in the weekend version without as much time for exercises, questions, and tangents.   
  • Virtual Seminar 
    • As an alternative option to our in-person innkeeper training, we are also offering virtual seminars. This seven-hour seminar also includes instruction, workbooks, personalized follow-up consultations, and a recording of the workshop to refer to in the future.   
  • Private Seminars 
    • If you cannot attend our set seminar dates, we’re happy to schedule a private session with you that is focused on your personal needs.  

Current Innkeeping Workshop 

After you buy an inn, everything isn’t always a piece of cake. We’re pleased to offer a new approach to ongoing education for current innkeepers and owners nationwide. With our valuable experience and knowledge, we’ll help you achieve a higher level of success and build a guest-oriented approach to service as you move forward in the innkeeping lifecycle.  

This workshop will focus on the hospitality industry’s relevant trends and provide bed and breakfast owners with critical information and tips that will strengthen profits, improve marketing practices, and keep them in the know with all aspects of the innkeeping world.     

Make the Move and Sign up for Our Innkeeper Training 

Are you ready to take your success and future into your own hands? Let’s make it happen! Register for our Seminar for Future Innkeepers or Current Innkeeping Workshop today. We offer training sessions at various locations throughout the United States, in addition to virtual and private options. Sign up today and make things happen!   

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